11.03.2019 15:49
The art magazine MADE IN MIND conducted an Interview with Michael Gatzke and reprinted it in No. 14.
28.02.2019 11:38
The work of Michael Gatzke is featured in the new online issue of CULTUREWORK. CULTUREWORK is about healing and regeneration, demolition and creation. It's about cultural exchange and talking about things we've been made to feel we aren't allowed to talk about. It's about imaging new ways of being...
02.02.2019 10:00
Michael Gatzke nimmt an der Ausstellung "Roze Hokjes" der Galerie Tuur, Straelseweg 77, 591101 Venlo, Niederlande, mit 2 kleinformatigen Arbeiten teil. Preview Samstag, 02. Februar 14.00 bis 17.00 Uhr Offizielle Eröffnung am Sonntag, 03. Februar um 15.00 Uhr durch Marij Pollux-Linssen. Die...
01.01.2019 16:43
Trestle Gallery's online exhibition features artists who applied to first solo show open call Introductions 2019, curated by Jason Andrew. In the spirit of putting our best work forward, we've asked the artists to submit any single piece of their choosing. Michael Gatzke is one of the selected...
12.12.2018 14:42
03.12.2018 19:20
ZusammenGehen, Schritt für Schritt Performance zum Geburtstag der UN Menschenrechtscharta am 10.12.2018 In einer 2-stündigen Performance wird der Bonner Rathausplatz zur Bühne. Auf einem "Öffentlichen Laufsteg", der begrenzt wird von Stelen des Kölner Künstlers Michael Gatzke mit Zitaten zu...
27.09.2018 14:24
Itsliquid Group in collaboration with Palazzo Ca' Zanardi is proud to announce the OPENINGS of SPACES the third appointment of SURFACES FESTIVAL - ITSLIQUID International Art and Architecture Festival that will be presented in Venice at Palazzo Ca' Zanardi from September 27 to November 25. One of...
22.09.2018 12:56
4th Annual International Juried Show September 27 - October 12, 2018 Gallery MC: 545 West 52 Street, New York, NY 10019 At the 4th Annual International Exhibition "Show your world" artists explore human mind ans feelings, memories, connections between past and present, life and death, childhood and...
12.09.2018 14:36
Hon. Mention - 3 Dimensional Categorey awarded to Michael Gatzke September 2018
15.07.2018 15:03
The 5th annual juried group exhibition, FRESH! with the theme "Order and chaos: the World of the Enlightened?" will take place at JanKossen Contemporary's Manhattan location from July 19th - August 11th, 2018. Artists have already played a role in voicing how the world is seen; they are critics...
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